The Annex


Less than 10 meters from the Temple Lodge’s front gate, the new villa we’ve recently annexed is a lovely two bedroom option in the heart of Bingin. We renovated it Temple Lodge style and gave it a bit of a revamp. It is now a full part of the lodge, with only one real difference; since you have your own pool in The Annex, use of the communal pool at the main lodge is not allowed. The pros however are many, the villa has a kitchenette so if you’re a small family you can self cater. There is much more privacy of course and the age limit we have at the main lodge doesn’t apply in The Annex. The rooms in the villa can also be sold individually, even if you don’t know the people that might stay in the other room, should you chose to just take one of the suites; your privacy would still be great due to the way the villa is designed. The suites are on opposite end of the villa.